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Who's Behind Phink Photography?

My name is Rebecca, and i started my business in 2010.
My passion started when i got my first camera at 17 years old and since them my skills have evolved over time as I've learnt more

about myself and my style of photography.

My son was born in September 2012, i married my husband in September 2016 at the beautiful Ringwood Hall Hotel, and our daughter in January 2018 and when i'm not in the thick of wedding season,

my favourite thing is to be around my family and capture the moments we may not always remember without the help of a photograph.

I've recently said 'Goodbye' to Mansfield based photography studio so i can focus my time and efforts solely on wedding photography

and making myself 100% available to all my brides and grooms in the run up to their special day.
Wedding photography is my full time career, and i can average between 35-50 a year. But my job doesn't end when the wedding day is over, as post production of images and video can take between 4-6 weeks.

I am also a volunteer for a charity called 'Remember My Baby'
Remember My Baby is a UK  registered charity whose professional volunteer photographers visit families who may be experiencing the loss of their baby before, during or shortly after birth.

When a family loses a lifetime’s potential for capturing milestones as their child grows, we will capture a precious baby with parents, siblings and extended family for free.
Each family will receive a ‘free gift’ of high resolution digital images with a copyright licence to print for their own personal, non commercial use.

A link to the donation page can be found below:

My Style

I aim to document a wedding

in the most significant way possible.
I was somewhat uncomfortable

on my own wedding day,

being asked to pose specifically

or recreate a moment

that had already happened... 

Maybe i'm just used to being the other side

of the camera, but i can relate to alot of couples who feel shy

with the idea of being photographed

so i want to capture every moment

in the most natural way possible.

I like to blend with the guests so i don't disturb the

key moments throughout the day

and mainly capture candid moments 

(After all, they make the best photos!)

in between the traditional shots

of friends and family that you'll want to show off 

for years to come.

What to Expect

Well, it starts with contact.
...Introduce yourself...
Tell me about your day and what your expectations are.
Have a theme? Tell me why you chose it!
Share the story of how you fell in love.

I want to get to know the couple i'm working with.
Most couples have a meeting either before, or shortly after booking, and again a few weeks before the big day arrives.

Although on many occasions i've met the bride and groom 

on the day of the wedding after months 

of discussions through email and over the phone.

There is no obligation to meet before the day 

should you decide not to, or just that life happens and

there is no free time to meet between booking and the big day

 or if distance and travel is a factor,

but if you can spare some time

to allow us to get acquainted before, it's a great way to feel

comfortable knowing you get along with someone who will be

with you for the majority of your day!

Mr and Mrs Tierney Wedding Day Short Preview

Tierney Short Preview

Contact Us

Come and say 'Hi!'


Due to the nature of my work, i have no set opening hours, all messages

are sent directly to me and my admin team, and one of us will do our best to reply

as immediate as possible, however please allow upto 48 hours

should i be unavailable at a wedding/in a meeting/on location etc.